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The Fat Guys on a Little Podcast is a new podcast covering everything from movies, video games, TV, technology, news, and just about anything that comes to mind from these to fat dads! Join us on Apple iTunes or Google Play every Sunday for a fun hour or so of laughs and good times!

Co-Host Steve Markey

Steve Markey

Steve is the older of the two brothers and is a father to his lippy teenage daughter Holly! Almost every weekend during the spring and summer you can find Steve with his wife Michelle and daughter catching the latest movie releases. Along with his love of movies, Steve has been an avid comic book and animation fan for years.

In addition to those likes, Steve is a huge wrestling fan. Yeah, he knows it is fake, but damn if he does not enjoy it. Of course, to round out his nerd resume, video games are a huge hobby of his (along with eating).

Join Steve on PlayStation or Xbox under the name momarkey313.

Co-Host Charles Markey

Charles MarkeyCharles is father to Lorna a spunky little six-year-old that keeps him on his toes! Charles is an avid follower of the UFC and a TV watching expert. Recently Charles cut the cord from Comcast and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have about it.  When it comes to being an eco-friendly homeowner, Charles can more than help with that.

Also, if you have any questions about smoking meat, he is your expert! Like Steve, Charles is a big fan of the Star Wars franchise but not so much on the comic book side. If you have questions or show topics for Charles or Steve, contact us today!

Future Guest Appearances

We have future guests scheduled for the podcast such as Bruce the Boulder, B.M.F.V., Eric Wiginton, Dave Markey, the horror movie expert Burt Nowlin and many more.


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