AEW Double or Nothing Live Feed and Thoughts

AEW Live Stream

Initial Thoughts of AEW PPV

Before the wrestling starts, the initial thoughts on the look and styler of the show is pretty good. Nice graphics, good initial camera work, and the announcers are ok. One nitpicks about the announce team, even later when JR joins, they need a heel announcer. Excalibur seems like he should be but he does not come off as a heel.  The preshow was on YouTube starting at 7:00 pm, and started with a battle royal with a Royal Rumble feel.

It starts with 5 wrestlers then every couple minutes or so 5 new wrestlers come down. Some old favorites are in this opening bout, Tommy Dreamer, Mr. Ass Billy Gunn, Glacier (From old WCW), and Tye Dillenger. “Hangman” Adam Page wins the match, this was a great opener to the show. It was a good way to introduce a lot of wrestlers to the audience and the action was pretty good. Couple camera mishaps during this missed some good moves.

Kip Sabien Pins Sammy Guevara

The next match on the preshow was Kip Sabien vs Sammy Guevara. These were two small guys, and if you like 205 Live in the WWE then you would like this match. Lots of flips and high risk moves just was not as good as the battle royal.

Six Man Tag Match

Next is the start of the main card, SoCal Uncensored vs #StrongHearts. The highlight of this match was how into this match the crowd was. SCU chants, AEW chants and just an exciting feel for the match. SCU wins via pinfall, there were a lot of big double and triple team moves. One thing we noticed quickly was the use of banned moves that are not allowed in WWE.

Women’s Fatal Four Way

Originally this match was supposed to be a triple threat match, and the winner will get a title shot. But for a surprise, Awesome Kong from TNA, WWE, and Glow made a surprise entrance. Nyla Rosa and Awesome Kong kind of knocked each other outside the ring. This left the smaller girls to go at it in the ring. Britt Baker pins Kylie Rae for the win. Not a bad match but kind of predictable.

Tag Match Best Friends vs Angelico and Jack Evans

This was a solid tag match, but again a lot of high flying and flipping. The BEst Friends get the win with a pin. After the match, a new cult-like tag team shows up and beats everyone up, but they did a poor job of explaining who they were.

Six Woman Tag Match All Japanese

This was hands down the worst match of the night. One of the legends of Japan wrestling was Aja Kong, and she was moving like late in life Andre the Giant. Little rough, went on too long and should have wrapped up quicker.

Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes

As a surprise to me, next to the battle royal, this match was one of the best of the night. It was hands down the best match I have ever seen Dustin Rhodes (Golddust) in. Dustin bladed halfway through the match and I have not seen blood like that since a 70s Ric Flair match. Good flow to the match crowd was into it, even had an emotional segment after the match where the brothers made up. Best brothers match since Brett Hart vs Owen Hart.

The Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers

This is the first I have seen of the Young Bucks, and I will be honest I do not get it. I am not a fan of theirs, there were a ton of flips and high flying. Another luchador or light heavyweight tag match, if you enjoy that then this match is for you. The problem is they were pulling off such huge spots and moves but nobody seemed to be hurt after getting hit with it. The Young Bucks pull off the win via pinfall.

Main Event Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega

Jericho looks a little out of shape, but he is 50. The match starts a little slow and a more grounded match compared to the other matches. Some botched moves, but overall a good back and forth match. Surprisingly the in match replays started to show up in this match where they didn’t have replays during other matches. The most annoying part, Kenny Omega has a move called Vtrigger, it is just a running knee. He does it about 8 times and each time the announcer had to yell Vtrigger. In a surprise, Jericho gets the win with his new finisher move the Judas Elbow (It’s just a back elbow).  After the match through the crowd, Dean Ambrose now known as Johnny Moxely jumps and beats up everyone including the referee and the show ends.

Final Thoughts

AEW Double or Nothing was a good start to a new league. They need to work on some of the camera work and introducing their wrestlers a little better to the crowd. Another thing, 70% of the wrestlers just look out of shape which is a surprise when you do that for a living. Jim Ross was trying his best, but at certain parts, it felt like he was lost or did not know the storylines. Most of this stuff can be worked out as they go so the future is bright for AEW.

Rating: 7/10