Animation Reviews: Star Wars Resistance & She-Ra

Animation Reviews: Star Wars Resistance & She-Ra

Animation Reviews: Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance is the newest Star Wars animated series on the Disney XD. This series is made by the same creators that made Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Both of those series started slow but ended up being pretty good animated series.  For Star Wars Resistance, the story takes place after Return of the Jedi and before the Force Awakens. When the show was first described it would take place on a small station that has ace pilots who race and have great adventures. Unfortunately, that is not exactly what you get.

It starts with a young pilot Kazuda Xiono that is soon discovered by a Resistance pilot Poe Dameron (actually voiced by Oscar Issac). Poe recruits Kazuda to be an awkward spy on the station with the ace pilots. Problem is Kazuda is a bumbling doof that is not very good at much of anything. Most episodes are just him trying to badly spy on people or looking for money to buy things. All while wishing he could be a pilot.

The real problem with the show it is just rather boring and aimed for kids with some bad humor. Now I know I am a grown man watching this, but let’s be honest, it’s us grown fanboys that watch these shows. The most interesting part is the ace pilots that you barely ever get to see and there is barely any actual racing going on. The First Order is there in very small appearances and you even get to see Captain Phasma a couple of times.

Look and Feel

The animation has a cel-shaded look to it as The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. The voice acting is fine but some of the characters can really get on your nerves, but that is more of the writing than voice acting. The other Star Wars animated series started off slow in their first season, but nearly as bad as this. Here is hope that the upcoming seasons change focus some and turn up the action. As it is right now, Star wars Resistance is only a 2 out of 10. 

She-Ra Princess of Power

Animation Reviews: She-Ra

She-Ra on Netflix, and much like Voltron, this show is trying to live on nostalgia pulling in old and new viewers.  She-Ra is 13 episode season, it changes the formula some from the original 80’s version. Also, She-Ra is no longer He-Mans sister, which makes sense since he doesn’t exist in this universe. Adora in this version is brainwashed as a young child to be an Evil Horde captain raised alongside her friend Catra (voiced by AJ Michalka of the Goldbergs).

When invading Eternia with the Horder she soon realizes she is wrong and finds a magic sword on the planet. Soon she befriends Princess Glimmer and her friend Bow. Adora learns how to become She-Ra and fight for good while trying to unite all the world’s princesses to help fight the Horde. The story is a season-long story unlike the stand-alone stories of each episode in the old 80’s cartoon.

While the season is only 13 episodes there are a couple of bad episodes.  The biggest problem with the show is the designs and look of the show. Usually, I can get over the look but the animation just looks like cheap Cartoon Network show like Steven Universe. Which is fine for that, but this is supposed to be an action-packed sprawling epic and feels and looks terrible. What really makes no sense, Dreamworks also makes the new Voltron which looks ten times better than this show.

While Great voice acting and an average story, the animation really holds this one back.

4 out of 10