Ban Dai Model Kits Voltron, Master Chief and Gundam

Ban Dai Model Kits

Recently I started making model kits again. Back in the day, I used to make models but patients were not my strong suit and they would always be rushed and not up to standard. So recently, since I am older now with more patience, I thought I would give Ban Dai model kits a try. Of course first on the list were Gundam models. For those not familiar, Gundams are based on a Japanese Manga where countries use giant mech robots to fight.

Ban Dai Gundam Model Kits

Gundam model kits have been around for quite some time now. One of the highlights of the models is they are very posable afterward. They require little to no gluing and not much painting compared to more traditional model kits. They are really are some pretty cool looking robots, the only problem being unless you follow the manga, you really have no idea about their characters. I built a smaller seven inch one that I found on clearance at Barns & Noble.

The gallery below shows all the models I have made. The build went well most parts fit no problem. As far as the paint goes they are molded in the colors they are supposed to be so I focus on panel lining and weathering. Panel lining is the process of using a black wash to fill in small details on the model. Dry brushing is the other technique I used. This is where you very little paint on the brush then add to the model. It gives like a war-torn look to the model.  After the first model, I made a large Gundam that actually went on clearance at Gamestop of all places.

This build was very similar to the first Gundam just larger, but it was a $53 kit that I got for $25 on clearance. Each build usually takes a couple of days to finish, really depending on how much painting you do. As far as Gundam kits go, I would highly recommend them especially when you can catch them on sale.

Ban Dai Master Chief and Voltron

After the Gundams, I next went on to more familiar characters, none other than Master Chief of Halo fame. I got my kit off of eBay for about $25 they usually range anywhere from $25 – $60 online. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find in stores now. This line is called Sprukits by Ban Dai, if you are to buy one, make sure to get the level 3 kit, they are the most detailed. Out of all the Ban Dai kits I made this was my favorite. Went together well, and with some painting and weathering, it looks great and is highly poseable.

Really on the whole model journey, the only model that was a little bit of a let down was the Voltron kit. There were a lot of parts, but the problem was it felt like they cut corners. The plastic pieces did not fit well and I had a lot of broken parts. It was nothing glue could not fix, but compared to the others this felt like the cheapest kit. The ironic part, it is one of the most expensive ones. A tip is you can find it on the Barns & Noble website and they offer discount codes from time to time.

In the end, Ban Dai kits are pretty good kits and I would recommend them for any level of model builder. If you are just starting off, invest in a good exacto knife, a pair of clippers, and some type of black model wash. Next time I will cover some of the Transformer model kits as well as Miniatures like Warhammer.