Cryotherapy In West Bloomfield, Michigan

Cryotherapy In West Bloomfield, Michigan

The next adventure led us to Cryotherapy in West Bloomfield, Michigan at Orchard Fitness.  For this particular trip Heather joined us for the fun. For about $25 each, you go into a freezing tube with just your underwear, a pair of crocs with socks and a pair of gloves. What happens is the temperature is then dropped to a -320 degrees for about three minutes. If you are on the shorter side, there is a platform they use to raise your head above the fumes because those can be toxic.

Initial Thoughts On Cryotherapy

Steve at CryotherapyWe did discuss this on the podcast, but at first it does not come off very professional at all. Its just a little room that the owner slapped this tube in and rents it out to schmucks for $25 a pop. If you think this is a medical type thing with doctors and nurses, you are wrong. Just a guy that runs a gym counter walks over and starts it up for you. The company that supplies the tube is Live Cryo. While the machine worked fine, it just felt a little unsafe with no professionals around.

If you have any type of ache or pain in your lower half, say from the waste down I believe this will help. The problem is, if you have pains in your upper half near your shoulders it just never gets cold enough to really treat that. In addition, most of the cold escapes near the top, but near your waist and below it stays pretty cold. Heather did experience a mild case of frostbite on her leg the next day, but it went away rather quickly.

The big question is would I go back? The answer is probably not, unless I had a bad knee sprain or sore muscle. But you can get the same effects from a ice bath in your own tub for free. At the same facility they do have a ozone therapy pod as well, so that might be the next therapy tried. Has anyone else out there tried cryotherapy? If so leave a comment and let us know how it went.