Death of Superman DC Animated Film Review

Death of Superman DC Animated Film Review

No matter what you think of DC live action superhero movies, their animated movies have been good for years. In most comic nerds opinion, DC TV shows and animated movies are way better than Marvel TV and animated. But of course, Marvel kills them in the live action movie arena. When the DC animated movies started, they were mostly self-contained stories. Meaning they would take popular comic storylines and adapt them to animation. Stories included:

  • Justice League: The New Frontier
  • Superman/Doomsday
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern: First Flight
  • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood
  • All-Star Superman
  • Batman Year One

This is just a small sample of the animated movies they have made. Each movie had its own animation style and voice actors. But around 2013, each movie they released all had the same type of animation for the most part. In the DC comics, they released the New 52. In the New 52, all classic characters got a new design and look as well as new books. Because of this, all the recent animated movies, with a few exceptions, have the New 52 look and style.

New 52 or Not?

If you will like the look of the animation will depend on if you like the look of the New 52 comics. The animation uses the designs from those books. Some of the changes are small like Superman no longer has the red trunks, Wonder Woman is more Silver and Blue, no gold. The characters themselves look like a mix of western animation mixed with anime. Being an older fan, I wish they would just stick with the Batman the Animated Series look.

With the old look, Warner Bros had a unique established look, now they just feel like an anime knockoff. Disney does not change their look from movie to movie, so why does Warner Bros? Now you have a little back story of DC animated movies, on with Death of Superman. You may have noticed in the list above there was a movie already called Superman/Doomsday. So Death of Superman is their second attempt at this story.

Sticks More To The Comic Version

In this version of the story, they stick much more closely to the original comic book story from the 90s. With the exception of swapping out some of the Justice League characters, for the most part, they keep it close. There really is only two parts that seemed different that I could remember. The first is Clark and Louis are just starting to really date each other, wherein the comic they have been together for years. The other part is when Lex Luther goes out and fights Doomsday, I do not remember that at all in the comic.

One surprising aspect of this movie is how actually violent it is. You will see a lot of blood and Doomsday is ruthless. For those that do not know the original story, a giant beast comes to earth, very similar to the Hulk, and goes on a rampage towards Metropolis. Superman confronts the beast and they fight to the death. So the age-old question of Superman vs the Hulk, it would end in a tie. The voice acting is good, Jerry O’ Connell is the voice of Superman and Rainn Wilson is the voice of Lex Luther. It does take a while to get used to Dwight Shrute as Lex.

One thing this movie does excel in is destruction. The fight between Clark and Doomsday is actually better than the Superman vs Batman Dawn of Justice live action movie. Right after this storyline, DC had the rise of the Supermen storyline. This shows four different Supermen that appear in Metropolis to replace the original. This movie does a much better job of setting up that storyline than the other movies do.

If you like the New 52 look of the characters and you would like to rewatch the Death of Superman storyline then this is your movie. I understand they had to make this movie before they could move into the Reign of Superman story. Finally, this movie brings nothing new to the story of any significance but if you like Superman in huge fights, then this is the movie for you.