EA Access Game Vault and Game Discounts

EA Access Game Vault and Game Discounts

EA Access is a service you can purchase for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X For $5 a month or $29.99 a year.  The service is like Game Pass for Xbox but on a much smaller scale. EA does offer a similar service for the PC on their Origin Store, but for this review just considering the Xbox version. This service is only Available on the Microsoft consoles it is not on PlayStation or the Nintendo consoles. Rumor is Sony straight turned them down. Probably to promote their PS Now service.

EA Access Value and Worthiness

When you sign up for EA Access, there are some benefits you will notice right away. First for all the new EA games coming out they offer a discount if you buy them digitally (unfortunately I am old school and still like physical discs).  The discounts are usually around 10% off. In addition to the discount, once you sign up to buy the game it grants you early access to it. So a game like Battlefield V you would be able to download a week early and play.

You will also have access to trials of games like Madden 19 and other newer releases.  By being a member you will also get access to Betas as well. The other major feature of the service is the Vault. Unfortunately, the Vault falls a little short compared to Game Pass. The Vault contains around 60 EA games for you to choose from. There are some good games here but a majority is cast off old sports games such as NHL 17, Madden 18, Madden 17, NHL 18, NBA Live 18 and UFC 2. As of this writing, UFC 3 is now available in the Vault.

If you have not played some of the old sports games or you do not care about being current with your sports, then this is perfect for you. Outside of sports, there are some solid choices, if you have not played any Mass Effect games, all of the games from the series are available. Both Dragon Age games are available as well as all the Dead Space games. For me personally, the games I have not played that are on there was Unravel, Need For Speed games as well as Mirror’s Edge.

If you are a big fan of the Battlefield series then EA Access is the service for you. Just about every Battlefield game ever made is on here, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2,  and more. There are also Popcap games such as Zumba and Plants vs Zombies.

Needed Features and the Future

Unless you really love old sports games or Battlefield games, the Vault is a little underwhelming. But the one game on there that I loved on the Xbox 360 was Fight Night Champion. Really makes you wish they would make more of them. There are some things missing I would like to see in the future. One thing I would love to see is some real classics, how about Madden 92 or the old Desert Strike games as well. Dig into EA’s rich backlog and pull out some classics. A discount for physical discs would also be a nice touch as well.

The service feels like it is not going to be improved upon much. I think an occasional game will be thrown in the Vault and that will be about it. As is, it is a pretty good value at $30 a year, but if you have played most of EA’s games then nothing new will really be here for you.  In the coming weeks, I will take a look at the Xbox Game Pass to compare to this service. If ou are a big fan of Battlefield or old sports games then this service is for you.

Rating 6 out of 10.