Episode 103 Last Of Us Part 2, Princess Mononoke and Tennis Elbow

Episode 103 Last Of Us Part 2, Princess Mononoke and Tennis Elbow

For episode 103, we are still back at the May Street Studios. BV is live via satellite and Charles and Steve are in the studio. We take a look at the COVID spiking cases as well as other current events. Then we review the Hunt, Invisible Man, Bloodshot, and the big new game from Sony, the Last of Us Part 2.  Just for Scott, Steve reviews a drawing tablet alternative to Wacom and Charles describes the pain from tennis elbow.

Reviews and Thoughts

  • The Hunt (Universal)
  • Invisible Man
  • Bloodshot (Sony)
  • Last of Us Part 2 (Naughty Dog, PS4). Pros graphics, unique story, great acting. Cons film grain, the story felt bloated in parts, controls a little clunky
  • Crazy Delicious (Netflix)
  • Home Game (Netflix)
    • Calcio Storico (Italy)
    • Free Diving (Philippines)
  • Irresistible (VOD)

Steve’s Animation Corner

  • Studio Ghibli – Princess Mononoke
  • Scoob!

Hard Earned Reviews

  • Huion Inspiroy Drawing Tablet – $50
  • ACE Tennis elbow strap w/ Custom dial system
    • $24 @ Meijer


  • Hamilton (Disney+)
  • Greyhound (Tom Hanks, AppleTV+)
  • The Old Guard (Charlize Theron, Netflix)
  • Warrior Nun S1 (Netflix)
  • Hanna S2 (Amazon)

Pugilism/Strong Man Report

  • UFC Fight Night from APEX in Las Vegas
    • Mike Perry  Decision Mickey Gall
      • Mike Perry had his girlfriend corner him
    • Dustin Poirier Decision Dan Hooker
  • UFC 251 Fight Island July 11th
    • 3 Title fights scheduled