Episode 108 Sports are back and Steve is Back From An Up North Adventure

Episode 108 Sports are back and Steve is Back From An Up North Adventure

Steve is back from his northern adventure for episode 108. From Traverse City to Boyne Mountain, we will let you know all about the north. In addition, sports are back on TV. While weird with no crowds at least it is something. We also try Audible and Charles orders a lot more gym equipment for his basement. BV lets us know how much Brockmire fell off in season 4.

  • MLB – Marlins 17 people had COVID had to suspend all games with them
    • MLB postponed 21 games due to outbreak including Phillies and Cardinals with positive players
  • NFL – Players are opting out of the new season, many on the Patriots.
  • NBA and NHL back 
    • Anyone watching any of it?
    • Players taking a knee all over the place in both sports
    • Mark Cuban had a great point about anthem protest police and the fact that your boss doesn’t play it before the start of your work day.
  • Notre Dame will play with ACC this season.
    • And will be eligible for ACC Championship 
  • International Flights might not recover until 2024

Steve’s Northern Adventure

  • Boyne Mountain – Red Mesa Grill, giant ski lodge, the town has little shops
  • Charlevoix – Castle, and Wedding all outside, 
  • Traverse City -C Grill and Pub, Turtle Creek Casino, overpriced cherry stuff

Taste Test

  • Traverse City Cherry liquor 
  • Pringles Rotisserie Chicken

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Brockmire S3 and S4(Hulu)
  • Charles Netflix Roundup
    • The Speed Cubers 
    • The Last Dance 
    • Last Chance U Season 5 
    • SuperMarket Sweep 

Steve’s Animation Corner

  • Transformers War For Cybertron (Netflix)
  • Todd Macfarlane: Like Hell, I Won’t (SYFY)

Book Report

  • Foundation (Audio Book, Isaac Asimov 1952)