Episode 11 of Fat Guys On A Little Podcast

Episode 11 of Fat Guys On A Little Podcast

Well, we gave Facebook Live a try this week. As you may have guessed, it was a train wreck. After about five minutes we figured out our audio issues but the camera did zoom in on Wigg’s crotch for some reason from time to time. We will have all the kinks worked out by next week, along with our new YouTube channel coming soon. In the coming weeks, we will try to be more interactive with everyone listening.

Drive Thru Safari and College Football

On this podcast, I cover our family trip to the African Safari Wildlife Park.  Holly was spat on by an alpaca and Fatima got a surprise from a bird. In addition, we take a look at all the college football action from the weekend which included Notre Dame defeating the Michigan Wolverine. Wiggs expresses his dislike for panhandlers and Steve tells you all about the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon Video.

Update On McGoo and May Street Studio

Charles is having a rough weekend, the May Street Studio mascot, McGoo was under the weather. The good news is McGoo just ate someone’s lunch and it did not agree with him. So McGoo will be on the mend very quickly. Unfortunately, the May Street Studios will need some essential repairs for the weeks to come!