Episode 13 Casino Windsor, Blueberry Ale, and The Big Ten Sucks

Episode 13 Blueberry Ale, Casino Windsor and More!

TSA And The Detroit Tigers

This week we invite Dave Markey into the studio. He lets us know what it is like to work for the Detroit Tigers and how there is a difference between usher and crowd management. Also, we learn that opening day in Detroit is not fun to be working at. Charles and Dave also fill us in on how useless the TSA can be.  In addition, we get to learn what Dave will be shooting this fall as far as small game season goes.

Casino Windsor and The Taste Test

Our new taste test is Redd’s Blueberry Ale.  Surprisingly we all enjoyed the ale, so much so Dave drank about three of them. This week we review the Netflix Adam Sandler movie The Week Of. As well as our thoughts on America’s Got Talent, Flipping Out Season 11, and the John McCain HBO documentary. Steve takes the time to tell you what he thinks about the new Spider-Man game for PS4.

We also talk about Steve’s trip Casino Windsor to see Amy Schumer Live. For the most part, the show was pretty good but traveling across the Ambassador Bridge is a long and annoying trip. Next is a recap on the NCAA college football upsets and big games for the week, as well as previewing the Sunday night and Monday Night games.