Episode 142 Cotton Candy Twinkies and Godzilla

Episode 142 Cotton Candy Twinkies and Godzilla

In Episode 142 we try Cotton Candy Twinkies (spoiler they are terrible). Then we review the Crew on Netflix as well as Nobody in theaters now. BV gives us an update on the Men’s 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

  • NHL Referee caught on mic during the game saying he wanted to call a penalty on Nashville Predators regardless of what they do.
  • Mac Jones of Alabama had a pro day, and everyone ripped on his dad bod and how he is somewhat out of shape.
  • 49ers (3), Dolphins (6), and Eagles (12) make draft pick trades.
  • NFL to expand to 17 regular-season games, 3 preseasons. 

Taste Test

  • Cotton Candy Twinkies
  • Low Sugar Smart Sweets

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Nobody (Bob Odenkirk)
  • The Crew (Kevin James, Netflix)
  • Charles Take on the Monsterverse Movies (Godzilla/Kong) 
    • Godzilla 1 and 2
  • The Avengers Game DLC Kate Bishop & Hawkeye (PS5)
  • SuperStore Series Finale (NBC)

Steve’s Animation Corner

  • Invincible Debut (Amazon Prime)
  • DOTA Dragon’s Blood (Netflix)

Charles Restaurant Reviews

  • Grand Rapids Edition
    • Electric Cheetah
    • Cantina Mexican Grill
    • Monica’s Drop Cookies

Tech Stop

  • I switched to Microsoft Edge for the past week, and it runs a lot smoother than Google Chrome.