Episode 143 Nathan Koska and Holly Markey In Studio

Episode 143 Nathan Koska and Holly Markey In Studio

On our last regular episode of the podcast, we welcome Nathan Koska and Holly Markey back to the show. We try Dr. Pepper Zero and Gummy Skittles, then we debate Godzilla vs King Kong.


  • Spring Break Florida the Koska Caravan
  • Virtual or in Person School?
  • Recap Annapolis Football season and what to expect coming year, weight training
  • Fire Fighter Academy  
  • Heard from Chic-Fila, where currently working
  • Drivers training, have a car already? What do you think of Holly’s driving? 
  • Thoughts on Holly’s obsession with Squishmellows
  • What is a Koska Family Easter Tradition?
  • Nathans expects the Lions to do this year

Taste Test

  • Hot Tamale Peeps
  • Skittles Gummies
  • Dr Pepper Zero


  • Explain the Accident
  • Thoughts on Central Michigan Visit And U of M
  • Excited for the new Tennis season and who is the coach this year?
  • Explain to everyone what the Senior Glow is.
  • How do you feel the in-person school year has gone during COVID?
  • Thoughts on Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Why Was Dad last to know?

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Godzilla vs King Kong (HBO Max)
  • I Care A Lot (Netflix, Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage)
  • HBO Max Roundup
    • Made for Love
    • Tina
    • Great Pottery Throwdown Season 4

Steve Restaurant Review and Toledo

  • J Alexanders 
  • Hollywood Casino, Toledo Zoo, Cake in a Cup