Episode 28 The Return of Holly

Episode 28 Return of Holly

For episode 28, Steve’s daughter Holly makes her return to the podcast. She gives us a list of her favorite TV and movie shows of the year, and you guessed it, we do not know any of them. Then Holly gives us the name of her favorite songs of the past year and we are supposed to guess the singer of that song. As you may have guessed, we get very few right.  To her credit, Heather does get some of the shows correct, so we are not all out of touch.

Episode 28 Taste Tests

This week we try egg nog from Calders Dairy. One thing is for sure, it is thick.  Also, we try Michigan made chips and mango juice.  We then give an update on our bowl pool, Steve and Wiggs tired for first at 18 each. Bill has 17 and Charles pulling up the rear at 14.  In addition, we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab E and the FurReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie. So join us this week for some good laughs.