Episode 29 Randy Johnston 2014 Westland Business Man of the Year

Episode 29 Randy Johnston

For Episode 29 we welcome Randy Johnston of VR Metro.  We ake a look at Randy’s time of owning a video store chain and as well as starting VR Metro.  In addition, we hear about Randy’s interest in all types of tech innovation.  For a taste test, we try blind samples of Coca-Cola in paper cups. We try Coke from a glass bottle, can, and a plastic bottle and we have to determine which is from which.

Episode 29 Spiderman Into The Spiderverse

Randy and Steve give their thoughts on the Spiderman Into the Spiderverse.  In addition, we look at Voltron Season 8, Equalizer 2, The Masked Singer, and more. Cord Cutter News: DirecTVnow and AT&T internet together they removed my data cap on the household internet! We also give an update the bowl pool selections and give our thoughts on the NFL Playoffs.

So join us this week for some laughs!

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