Episode 41 McGregor Retires, Mary Poppins and Dave

Episode 41 McGreggor Retires, Mary Poppins and Dave

On Episode 41 of the podcast, we welcome Dave Havenstein to the podcast. Dave tells about his time teaching in Las Vegas, Nevada and compares it to teaching in Michigan. Also, we get to learn about his love for graphic novels and music. Of course, we talk about his other passion pro wrestling, really isn’t that everyone’s passion?

Episode 41 Is He Retiring?

The big news in the world of MMA is Conner McGregor is retiring. Many believe is just a stunt to get more money out of the UFC. The week leading up to Wrestlemania, Dave and Steve give their thoughts on some of the matches and what to look for. For our Taste Test this week, we do a blind tasting of non-alcoholic Labatt Blue and the regular version and try to guess which is which.

Reviews and Thoughts we look at The Favourite, Mary Poppins Return, What We Do In the Shadows, Million Dollar Mile, and The Dirt. Charles then explains why he does not like Amy Schumer and how he just does not get why she is so popular. In Hard Earned Reviews, we take a look at the Fitbit Charge 3 and the My Fitness Pal App. Finally, we cover some Apple news and early buzz on the Shazam! movie.