Episode 42 Vegas, National Parks and Game of Thrones

Episode 42 Vegas, National Parks and Game of Thrones

Gabe is back! Fresh from his vacation to Las Vegas and the Zion National Park. What is the gambling game of choice? Well, none other than horse racing with fake plastic horses! In addition, we learn about some of the more scary hiking trails in Zion Park. Also, we take a look back at Wrestlemania from the past week.  While we all agree Wrestlemania was way too long, we have differing opinions on some of the matches.

Episode 42 Movie Reviews

New movies that were reviewed this week are the Highwaymen from Netflix. While historically accurate, not a very exciting movie. Next up is Vice starring Christian Bale. The makeup in this movies was excellent, the movie itself was a little on the dull side. Both movies had interesting subject matter, just were not very entertaining. We also take a look at Hellboy. While I feel it is not as bad as critics have said, it is not nearly as good as I hoped.

The CGI and special effects were very up and down. While some things like the giants looked great, other things just looked bad. A left over from last week, Shazam is probably the best movie this month. Great fun and enjoyable superhero movie. Charles recaps the UFC and Bare Knuckle Fighting, with results and suspensions.

Finally, we all try to predict what will happen this season on Game of Thrones.