Episode 64 Child’s Play, Bill Gates, and Shaft

Episode 64 Child's Play, Bill Gates, and Shaft

For episode 64 of the podcast, we look at some new DVD releases, Child’s Play, Shaft, and Anna. Charles took the time to watch the Unicorn on CBS because he has an unnatural love for Walton Goggins. For our retro review, we take a look at 1973 American Graffiti, this was directed by George Lucas and starred Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, and Cindy Williams. One thing is for sure you can see where Happy Days got their idea from.

Episode 64 Sports Recap

This week in football Michigan fans are happy again, Notre Dame beats a ranked opponent and Ohio State destroys Nebraska. For the NFL, the Lions have a close loss to Kansas City, while the Steelers finally get a win. Charles updates us on UFC and bare-knuckle fighting.

Rapid Fire

  • Movies
    • Gemini Man
    • Semper-Fi
  • Blu Ray
    • Annabelle Comes Home
    • Midsommar
    • Framing John DeLorean
  • Streaming
    • Goliath Season 3
    • Carmen Sandiego Season 2 (Netflix)
    • Nikki Glaser: Bangin (Netflix)
    • Big Mouth Season 3 (Netflix)
    • Thursday Night Football (Amazon)
  • Games
    • Trine 4
    • Tropico 6
    • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Liar
    • Burgertime Party (Switch)
    • Mario Kart World Tour Mobile