Episode 65 The Wrestling Round Up

Episode 65 The Wrestling Round Up

This week we deviate from the usual and talk all Wrestling all show! We welcome Dave and BV back to the show and we look at AEW Dynamite, RAW, Smackdown on Fox as well as NXT.

RAW Season Opener  (2.2 Million viewers)

  • Somehow Sep 30 is their season opener
  • New show open video and song.
  • New entrance stage seems like a very large video board
  • Michael Cole is gone, new announce team: Jerry Lawler, Vic Joseph, and Dio Maddin
  • The show opens with Rey Mysterio and his son is in the front row. Brock Lesnar comes out beats the crap out of both for no reason really.
  • Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss, Banks win promoting her match at hell on cell mostly, Bliss is very limited in her matches
  • Zigler and Roode vs Heavy Machinery for belts, Ziggler and Roode win 
  • Miz TV has Flair and Hogan they came out to set up  Crown Jewel PPV each legend will have a team. Crowd not that loud for Hogan anymore
  • Viking Raider vs O.C. Raider win by Pinfall 
  • Ricochet vs Cesaro (weird pants) Ricochet wins pinfall
  • Funhouse segment
  • AJ Styles vs Cedric Alexander Styles win Pinfall,(best match for me)
  • Natalya vs Lacy Evans straight garbage, Lacy Evans wins
  • Rollins vs Rusev for Title, Bobby Lashley and Fiend interfere 
  • Thoughts on Show and state of RAW




  • Possible Surprises for the show: Jack Swagger (Jack Hager) might show or CM Punk.
  • Intro very RAW like. Announcers JR, Tony Schiavone (fresh dye job), Excaliber 
  • Cody (looks like a Capcom villain from Resident Evil) vs Sammy Guevara, Crowd into the first match.  Stress wins and loses count in this league. Time limits are stressed. Cody wins with a small package. Jericho comes down and beats up Cody
  • Brandon Cutler vs MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman). Cutler is bad fell off top rope. MJF wins on submission.
  • Kevin Smith & Jay Promo  (bad segment). Followed by another bad promo. SCU
  • Pac (Former Neville from WWE)  vs Hangman Page. Page looks pudgy. PAC wins Submission
  • Riho vs Nyla Rose (Title) Really? 85lb Asian vs 300 lb man-woman. Very sloppy lot of botched moves. Riho wins pinfall double knee.
  • Young Bucks & Omega vs Jericho Santana and Ortiz. John Moxely shows up and starts fighting Omega no DQ? The match turns to 2 on 3, Jericho gets pin.
  • Swagger (James Hager) shows up in the end.
  • Final thoughts. Entrances sucked. The Commentary was off at times, just didn’t have the buzz that first PPV had. 


NXT WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (891,000 Viewers)

  • Intro short and crowd a lot like old ECW crowd. First half-hour no commercials.
  • Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole for the title. Cole has CM Punk vibe. 20-minute match Cole wins pinfall with a running kick to the back of the head. Fin Balor comes down.
  • Velveteen Dream Promo
  • Io Shirai vs Mias Yim womens match. Io Shirai moonsault victory for the pin.
  • Nash and Hall in the audience. 
  • Johnny Wrestling vs Shane Thorne. Johnny wrestling wins pinfall kick to the face.
  • Candice LeRae vs Shayna Baszler for title.  Long match, Baszler submission-based. Baszler wins on submission rear-naked choke.
  • Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch. England wrestlers, Dunne wins pinfall, move the bitter End weird pump handle slam.
  • Street Profits (fun entrance) vs The Undisputed Era (Champs). Decent match. Undisputed wins Pinfall
  • Much smaller venue, longer matches. Female announcing was terrible.  



  • Half Hour kickoff show, at LA Staples Center
  • New Open and Song (AC/DC), Announce team: Michael Cole and Corey Graves 
  • Starts with Vince and Steph McMahon
  • Rock (place went nuts), Becky and Corbin, they beat up Corbin.
  • Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks & Bayley, Becky and Char. win on submission. Erin Andrews backstage interview
  • Rollins vs Nakamaura, the Fiend attacks Rollins 
  • Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens Ladder Match, Owens wins a good match.
  • Braun Strowman 8 man tag, Strowman pins Ziggler, Strowman has a moment with Tyson Fury (boxer)?
  • Roman Reigns vs Erik Rowan Lumber Jack Match – Reigns wins with Bryans help
  • Kofi Kingston vs Brock Lesnar For Title. HAHAHA 5 Second match Lesnar wins. Cane Valasquez comes down.
  • Did the Rock appear? Undertaker? Goldberg?



  • Rollins vs Bray Wyatt for Title
  • Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks for Title
  • Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs Erik Rowan and Luke Harper
  • Bayley vs Charlotte Flair for Smackdown title
  • The Revival vs The New Day for Title
  • Shinsuke Nakamaura vs Ali Intercontinental Title
  • Drew Gulak vs Lio Rush Cruiserweight Title