Episode 72 Sugarpova, Lady and the Tramp, and Project xCloud

Episode 72 Sugarpova, Lady and the Tramp, and Project xCloud

On Episode 72 of the podcast, we have a taste test for Sugarpovas, a candy treat made by tennis star Maria Sharapova.  We then take a deep look at the new game streaming services, Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud. Charles and Steve disagree on the timeline for the new services.  Of course, we take a look at new shows and movies as well as recap NCAA, NFL, WWE, AEW, and the UFC.

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Mandalorian Episode 3
  • Explained on Netflix
  • Lady and The Tramp (Disney+)
  • The Crown Season 3


Hard Earned Money Reviews

  • SiliconDust HD Homerun Quatro
    • $105 at Target
    • 4 channel network based tuner
    • My Love of the Channels app and TV everywhere integration
  • Pandora 11 Arcade Stick
    • $86 on Ebay
    • Joysticks will need to be upgraded
    • 2000+ Games (Lot of junk but some good fighting and brawlers)
    • Probably will rip board out and upgrade to what everyone considers the best Pandora 6
    • Future Etsy arcade cabinet 


3 Minutes Of Wrestling

  • AEW Overall records still there but they will reset each year for rankings.
  • Jim Cornette (Remember Him?) Made some racist remarks on an NWA show (They have shows?) so he had to resign.
  • John Cena movie Playing With Fire has made $26,687,217 


  • Thursday – Colts 17 vs Houston 20 
    • Myles Garrett suspended for the rest of the season
  • NFL Score Recap 
    • Dallas at New England, Carolina at New Orleans, Seattle at Philadelphia
  • Sunday Night Preview
    • Green Bay vs San Francisco 
  • Monday Night Preview
    • Baltimore vs LA Rams
  • NCAA
    • #8 Penn State 17 vs #2 Ohio State 28
      • Boring Game!!!!!
    • #6 Oregon 28 vs Arizona State 31
    • Not great weekend for football

Game Streaming

  • An early review on Microsoft Project xCloud – Using a controller and LG phone.
  • Initial reviews on Google Stadia – Missing codes, orders not filled, most reviews luke warm
    • Krypt in Mortal Kombat completely not working
    • Digital Foundry on youtube did a great side by side video
    • Hardly no video settings in the games
  • The big question is why did google rush out to market?

Rapid Fire

  • Movies
    • Frozen 2
  • Blu Ray
    • Angel Has Fallen
    • Where’d You Go, Bernadette (Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig)
    • Robocop (The Original)
  • Streaming
    • The Irishman (Netflix)
    • Mike Birbiglia: The New One (Netflix)
    • The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix Vanessa Hudgens)
  • Games
    • Worms Battleground / Worms WMD (rerelease)
    • Ancestors Legacy (RTS with Vikings)
    • Overcooked! + Overcooked 2 

Pugilism Report 

  • No Events this past Weekend none until December 7th on ESPN
  • Mark Hunt goes off on UFC and Dana White after his lawsuit is dismissed
    • Trying to get Brock Lesnar 2.5 million dollars after failing a drug test at UFC 200
  • Mayweather must be broke looking to comeback against Pacquiao and UFC crossover in 2020
  • Jon Jones (25-1) to fight Dominick Reyes (12-0)  on February 8th