Episode 79 DJ Tony G, Pinball and Twin Daughters

Episode 79 DJ Tony G, Pinball and Twin Daughters

Episode 79 features the return of DJ Tony G! We check in with Tony’s garage arcade and the newest machine he is building. Also, we talk to Tony about being the proud dad of twin girls that are about to graduate High School! Tony almost convinces Charles into going to multiple pinball expos as well as the Wisconsin Gaming Expo. We test a new cookie against the current cookie champ the drop cookie.

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Aladdin (Disney+)
  • My Feet Are Killing Me / 1000 lb Sisters (TLC)
  • The Kitchen
  • Kimchi Korean BBQ review


  • NFL Playoffs
  • Texans vs Chiefs, Titans 28 vs Ravens 12, Seahawks vs Packers, Vikings 10 vs 49ers 27
  • Podcast on Saturday to preview Championship Games
  • NCAA Bowl Pick Update Bill 21 Charles 17 Gabe – 16 Steve – 17, look at the championship game.
  • XFL – Unique rules, after touchdown you can go for 1,2, or 3. No coin toss, visitors choose. Overtime each team gets 5 possessions from the 5yard line. 1 foot in bounds. Claiming games will be 2 hours and 46 minutes long, NFL game is over 3 hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qs7jzLrnkk&feature=emb_logo

Wrestling News

  • Chris Jericho was fat-shamed on his last match in the Wrestle Kingdom
  • Big Show returned on RAW
  • WWE bringing ice cream bars back but they are a sandwich this time

Rapid Fire

  • Movies
    • Bad Boys For Life
    • DoLittle
  • Blu Ray
    • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
    • Gemini Man
    • Jexi
    • Krypton Season 2
    • Veep Season 7
  • Streaming
    • Grace and Frankie S6 (Netflix)
    • Sex Education S2 (Netflix)
    • Dracula (Netflix)
    • Russell Peters: Deported (Amazon)
    • Rob Delaney: Jackie (Amazon)

Pugilism ReportĀ 

  • Just tune in for UFC 246 commentary broadcast on Facebook