Episode 89 Fat Guys Around The Horn

Episode 89 Fat Guys Around The Horn

For episode 89 we talk about our Coronavirus quarantine from state to state. Bill joins us from Illinois on our Skype powered episode. We all try the new KFC donut chicken sandwich. Willing to bet it is not good for Diabetics, but oh well. Then we look at a lot of Netflix shows and movies along with what the WWE is doing for Wrestlemania.

  • Self Isolation Version of the show
    • Hand Sanitizer to start (New tradition and way of life)
    • How is everyone feeling and holding up in Isolation?
  • Coronavirus Week 2 Update –
    • Vegas closed Casinos
    • Kansas Schools done the remainder of the year.
    • Apple stores, Lane Bryant, Torrid all closed
    • Where is my $1000 check?
    • Update on Hotel industry and DTW Airport
      • Airport forecast roughly 10,000 travelers down from 25 to 30,000 most days
      • Marriott stock price down to $75 from $150 in January
        • Hotels are averaging single-digit occupancy if not closed
        • Maintenance and Loss prevention are staffing closed hotels
      • Furlough workers are not required to seek new employment during this while collecting unemployment
    • Wayne county population 1,756,264
      • 477 cases 5 deaths @ 2pm Sunday
      • Cases 1 out of 3682 people
      • Deaths 1 out of 351,253 people

Tastes Test

  • KFC Donut Chicken sandwich 

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy
  • Marc Maron: End Times
  • Spenser Confidential
  • Super Size Me 2 (Youtube for free)
  • Superman Red Son (rented on Vudu)
  • Yesterday (HBO)
  • BV early take on MLB the Show 20 for PS4
  • Retro Game Review: Might and Magic VII  ($7.99 Steam)

3 Minutes of Wrestling

  • Wrestlemania is still going to happen at WWE performance center in Orlando with no audience on April 5th. Just announced it will be at 2 locations and hosted by Gronk
    • For the record, I cannot wait to watch this.
  • Matt Hardy and Luke Harper debuted in front of no one on AEW.

Next-Gen Console Round-Up



  • Xbox Series X 
  • PS5


Hard Earned Review

  • Can’t go anywhere to buy anything?
  • Tried to buy some dumbbells at Meijer to keep active a bunch of other people had this idea before me
  • Anyone using Amazon and eBay during this? What are delivery situations?