Episode 90 Pretzel Pop-tarts, the Tiger King, and Wrestlemania

Episode 90 Pretzel Pop-tarts, the Tiger King, and Wrestlemania

On episode 90 we welcome back BV for the for seeable future. We give updates on our Corona status as far as work and health are concerned. We also taste test Pretzel Pop-Tarts the cinnamon flavored ones.  We then take a look at the popular Tiger King currently on Netflix. Steve takes a look at Doom Eternal and Titans season 2. BV lets us in on ordering from Omaha Steaks and what the WWE is doing about WrestleMania.

  • Congratulations To Dave Markey turning 66 this week.
  • Corona Update
    • Charles and I got our essential workers letters
    • Michelle’s sick days froze, bumped from nonessential to essential. Same with Julie Long.
    • Michelle now sick
    • BV home working update
    • Detroit Wayne County and Chicago Cook County all over the news
    • Wayne County Numbers
      • 1810 Cases 37 Deaths
      • 1 out of 969 people are positive (was 3682 last week)
      • 1 out 47405 people died (was 351253 last week)
      • The median age of the deceased is 70 years old
    • Frustration over mask information
      • Fauci from CDC now saying they can help???
    • Joe Diffie Dead from Corona 61  https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/joe-diffie-country-singer-dead-obituary-974556/

Tastes Test

  • Pretzel Pop-Tarts Cinnamon

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Tom Segura: Ball Hog
  • Tiger King
  • Titans S2
  • Sonic Forces (Free on PS4 Plus, 30 stages fast-paced)
  • Doom Eternal

3 MInutes of Wrestling

Hard Earned Review

  • BV Omaha Steaks Online

Rapid Fire

  • Movies
    • You Get None
  • Blu Ray
    • Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker
    • Mr. Robot S4
    • Transformers Complete Series
  • Streaming
    • Ozarks S3 (Netflix)
    • Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (Doc about surfer shark bit off arm Netflix)
    • The Scheme (HBO Christian Dawkins/Adidas wire fraud scandal for college basketball)
    • Real Housewives of Potomac (Hulu How many of these are there?)

Pugilism Report 

  • UFC 249 is going ahead
    • Dana White claims to have 4 or 5 possible venues
    • Joe Rogan refuses to commentate
    • Cowboy Cerrone wants to fight
    • Francis Ngannou wants to fight
  • Jon Jones arrested for another DWI in New Mexico