Episode 91 Wrestlemania 36, Ozarchs, Kareem and Coffee

Episode 91 Wrestlemania 36, Ozarchs, Kareem and Coffee

For Episode 91 of Fat Guys on a Little Podcast, we welcome BV and Scott Bergeron. We discuss how everyone is doing during the outbreak, and Charles gives us the numbers for this week. In addition, we look at Wrestlemania 36 and what Steve and Bill think of the first day. Scott tells us how he is spending Easter and how the outbreak affects his real estate business. We then look at Ozarks seasons, Kareem and Coffee on Netflix, and other movies and shows.

  • Corona Update
    • Papaw Update and Tyler Elkins
    • Michelle feels better. State giving her 80 hours paid.
    • State of Michigan decision on Schools
      • Enrichment work from teachers until the end of the year
      • No work on what was to be Spring Break week
  • Wayne County Cases
    • 6096 Cases 223 Deaths
    • 1 out of 288 people with case (was 969 last week)
    • 1 out of 7856 people died (was 47405 last week)
  • Charles knows two people from hotels over the years one of whom died
    • Notified if you had close contact within 2 weeks
  • Surgeon General Jerome Adams warns this week to be brutal similar to 9/11 for deaths
  • Stay at home if you can and wear a mask when in public (CDC)

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Ozarks Season 3
  • BVs take on Tiger King
  • Onward Pixar
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn DLC
  • Dark Side of the Ring
  • Kareem and Coffee (Netflix)

3 Minutes of Wrestling

  • Thoughts on the first day of Wrestlemania (Commercials?)
  • Starts with Gronk and Mojo, then Women Tag title match Kabuki Warriors vs Bliss and Cross. King Corbin vs Elias.Becky Lynch C. vs Baslor. Zane C. vs Bryan. Kofi vs Uso vs Morrison C. Rollins vs Owens. Goldberg C. vs Strowman. Undertaker vs AJ Style.

Hard Earned Review

  • Blue Snowball Ice Microphone
  • Poker Stars
  • Echo Show 8 upgrade in office and upstairs