Episode 95 Custom Face Masks and A Board Game Round Up

Episode 95 Board Game Round Up

On Episode 95 of the podcast, Charles and Steve welcome back our good friend BV. We give updates on the Coronavirus situation in our states as well as show you some of our custom masks. We also have a new segment the Board Game Round-Up. Charles goes over some of his favorite board games to play with his family.  FOr reviews, we look at Extraction and Lost in Space season 2 for Netflix. In addition BV fille sus in on more of the Michael Jordan Last Dance documentary.

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Lost In Space S2 (Netflix)
  • Batman Beyond Complete Series
  • Parks and Recreation Charity/Reunion Show
  • Extraction (Steves Thoughts)
  • Flea Bag (Quick thoughts on Prime show)


Board Game Roundup 

  • Sorry, Yahtzee, Stratego, and UNO still great (We love Bingo also)
  • Clue, Kerplunk, and Risk not our favorites
  • Random new games 
    • Telepathy (Mix of Battleship and Clue)
    • 13 Dead End Drive (Mix of Clue and Mouse Trap)
    • Leaps and Ledges (Vertical Sorry)
    • Rummikub (Lorna’s new addiction and pretty much a card game)
  • Waiting on Scotland Yard
  • Where is Jenga?
  • You forgot the greatest board game of all time!

Wrestling Rumor

  • McMahon may want to sell the company to ESPN and FOX 
  • What would this do to the stock?
  • Would they keep HHH and Steph?
  • Dark Side of the Ring 
    • Doctor D slap episode

Hard Earned Review

  • Gears Tactics for Windows 10 (Gamepass)
  • Streets of Rage 4 Windows 10 (Gamepass)
  • Weber Performer Grill (Not Deluxe)
    • $279 thru Home Depot
  • Bought 2 Instant Pot devices will review next week