Episode 98 Michael Jordan The Last Dance Final

Episode 98 Michael Jordan The Last Dance Final

Episode 98 of the Fat Guys on a Little Podcast we cover the final of the Michael Jordan documentary the Last Dance on ESPN.

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Most public beach bathrooms are closed because they have to have motion sensor facilities for no-touch, so where are people pissing?
  • Trump takes hydroxychloroquine just for shits and giggles. 
  • Still debates over a second stimulus check. 
  • Michigan is opening up in the north. Lockdown extended to June 12th
  • Done with reporting numbers (We are never leaving lockdown) 
    • How are we locked down longer than Wuhan? (76 Days to what will be 90)
    • Early in the show Rant: Group thoughts on lockdown
  • Going to try and get an antibody test to see

Reviews and Thoughts

  • Jordan Last Dance Bills final score and review.
  • The Wrong Missy (David Spade, Netflix)
  • Justice League Dark Apocalypse War (DC Animated, Vudu)
  • Upload (Amazon)
  • Lovebirds (Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, Netflix)
  • Patton Oswalt, I love everything (Netflix)

What to Watch This Week

  • American Idol Finale (ABC)
  • Voice Finals (NBC)
  • Homecoming S2 (Amazon)
  • Stargirl (CW)
  • Masked Singer Finale

Pugilism/Strong Man Report

  • May 30th Fight Night 
    • Nevada will vote later in the week if the event can go
    • Plan B Arizona apparently
      • Tyron Woodley v Gilbert Burns
  • Conor McGregor tweets GOAT list
    • 1-Anderson Silva
    • 2-Himself (But will be 1 when finished)
    • 3-George St. Pierre 
    • 4-Jon Jones 
    • No Khabib Matt Hughes