Fat Guys On A Little Podcast YouTube Channel!

Fat Guys Little Podcast YouTube Channel

If you did not know, we recently launched our YouTube Channel! From here on we will post the video version of our podcast as well as other clips from that week’s podcast. One of the coolest aspects is we will have 360° videos you can interact with.

Other YouTube Channel Features

Along with the podcast, we will also have weekly and monthly features. One we have are videos on a Madden 19 season for the Detroit Lions. Each week we play the same game the real Lions are going to play that week. As of right now, the fictional Detroit Lions have a better record than the real deal. In addition to that series, we also have video game previews and gameplay from new games.

Currently, we are showcasing our new 360° videos. These interactive videos allow you to scroll around the area during the video. Also, we have a look at new products such as the Xbox One Elite Controller and the Bionik Quickshot grips. In the future, we will have drawing tutorials and methods Steve uses to create some of his fan art.

More Videos To Come

Right now you can catch our live feed stream on our Facebook page and it will be coming to our YouTube Channel soon.  If there are videos you would like to see contact us today and if you enjoy our channel make sure to subscribe!