Flotation Therapy Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Flotation Therapy Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Charles of the Fat Guys On A Little Podcast, is a huge fan of Joe Rogan and his podcast.  So naturally the first stop on our alternative health journey was flotation therapy. The place chosen for us to float like Baloo the Bear was the Float Institute in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  For $55 we signed up for one session each for one hour.

Flotation Therapy Initial Thoughts

When you visit the Float Institute, the first thing you notice is how nice and clean everything is. The front counter area has the staff and you are immediately given sandals to wear around the facility. For our visit Scott the owner was the one who gave s the walk through. Scott later on became a guest on the podcast Episode 32, which you can hear right here. The only gripe at this point is being a Fat Guy with huge feet, the sandals did not fit the beefy feet all that well. Smaller guys probably will not have this problem.

After your initial sign in, you are then escorted to the tub areas. Once in the room the staff gives you a walk through on what to expect and the health benefits. In the tub room the tub is about 12 inches deep and filled with Epsom Salt and minerals. You get totally naked, imagine that image in your head, then float in the water for 60 minutes. When your time is up the jets come on letting you know it is time to get out.

Sensory Deprivation Thoughts

For the sensory part of the experience, after so many minutes all the lights go out in the room. You are essentially floating in complete darkness and silence. In this time you are to let your mind free and relax away the stress. There was just one problem both Charles and I noticed. If you are fat, you will naturally breath heavy, and in complete silence you really hear this even with ear plugs in.

It was fun bouncing off the walls while I floated, and personally I liked the experience, but 60 minutes felt a little long for me. At a half hour I think I would have enjoyed it more. I do recommend for people to try it, it is one unique experience. Also, the owner Scott is a great person and deserves the business! So visit the Float Institute in Sterling Heights, the first of our Alternative Health Adventures.