In-Home Infrared Sauna From Costco

In-Home Infrared Sauna

Recently as described on Episode 29, Charles has installed an in-home 2 person Vittoria Infrared Sauna from Costco. Why you may ask, and Charles will tell you, why not?  There are some health benefits to using a daily sauna. The first benefit of a sauna is to increase circulation. They are also known to help reduce cardiovascular disease as well as help with weight loss. More benefits are to flush toxins and relieve stress.

Infrared Sauna Install and Use

It is hard to believe, but the whole set was ordered and delivered from Cosco. You really can get everything from Costco. Once delivered, it took Charles a couple of hours to assemble. Beforehand he ran a new electrical line on its own breaker for the sauna.  Once up and running the sauna works rather well. It does take a while to warm up, so highly suggests to turn it on and come back in about an hour.

The Dynamic Vittoria is designed to be very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Charles found out that he sweats way more than his wife, go figure. Now some might say why not just get a gym membership that has a sauna? Have you ever been in one of those? I cannot speak for the women’s sauna at the gym, but the men’s is a dirty cesspool that is always packed with people. Having the ability to be on your own in the comfort of your own home is a big plus in owning a sauna.

If you have space, Charles highly recommends the In-Home Infrared Sauna From Costco.