Madden 19 The Fat Guys Review

Madden 19 Review

I know Madden 19 came out at the beginning of the month, but I wanted to play through a whole season before giving my thoughts. When it comes to Madden, I am an older player and much prefer the franchise mode over the others. I did try out the other modes, but the main focus is on the franchise mode. Before that, I want to take some time on the Longshot mode. This is essentially a Madden movie you play through. Last years Longshot mode the writing was a little better and it felt like you actually did more in that version.

Longshot mode this year I felt like I was watching way more than playing. While the story did continue the story from last year, I was hoping for new characters with new positions but that does not happen. Playing through Longshot mode does unlock character cards for your Ultimate Team. While last years version was better, Longshot mode is fun for what it is, play it once and then forget it.

Madden 19 Graphics

If there is one thing EA is good at is putting that extra shine on the visuals of their games. For all the flak that Star Wars Battlefront II got, one thing is for sure it is a beautiful game. The visuals of the players on the field of Madden look terrific, and some of the pregame graphics look great as well. But not everything is perfect, some of the coaches still look weird and close up of some of the players look odd as well.

The biggest problem is the lack of variety in animations. Sure the celebrations are great and vary but animations of the coach on the sideline have been the same for three years. No matter what team you are, your coach will do the same animations over an over. The same can be said with the team intros, they are all the same just different uniforms. Which means, the Baltimore Ravens entrance is the exact same as the Patriots and so on.

Now, new animations could be patched in, but that does not seem to be the focus of their updates.

Sound and Effects

There are a new pregame and halftime host, Johnathan “The Coach” Coachman of WWE and ESPN fame. The announcers are the same as last year and for the most part are pretty good. You will get commentary updates throughout the season. The announce team is off from time to time, for example, they will say my halfback threw an interception.  When I have never run a halfback pass, little things like that pop up from time to time. Also, with the money this game makes, they cannot afford to have multiple announce teams?


The gameplay, in all honesty, is the same as last year. They always tout new player movement motion and blah blah blah. It is the same, all they did was tweak the CPU defense.  Super linebackers are back again this year. Which means linebackers will keep up with speedy receivers step for step and passes four feet over their heads they will knock down. There are strange glitches as well but hopefully, they will patch those. An early glitch I ran into was the screenplay. Your running back would just stop running and stand still for no reason. They have since patched that but it is just one example of glitches that make you wonder why it got past testing.

Game Modes

We already covered the Longshot mode, so next, we will discuss the MUT mode. MUT is the Madden Ultimate Team mode where you open packs of cards and build your team through random players. I will say right now, I get why EA is promoting this mode, last year it made them $800,000,000 off this mode. I cannot stand this mode. First, if you use real money you can pretty much buy yourself a good team or you can grind tons of games and hope to build a good team. The players you get are random, and you take your ragtag team offline or online against other people. To be honest I usually avoid this mode.

There, of course, is the online play. You can play now online vs friends or random people online this is pretty much straightforward and there usually is not much lag in the games. The mode I enjoy most is the Franchise mode. You can play your franchise online with friends or offline on your own. You can create a player or coach or use an existing one. You can scout college players through the year and one of the coolest feature you can download other peoples draft roster with actual NCAA players in it.

There are some minor things still missing which is a bummer. One of the major areas it is lacking is the creation mode, you have very limited options. I make a coach each year and you only get to pick from like four faces. Another missing feature is making your own team in franchise mode. Also, a wish list item I would love to see is the coaching carousel from the old NCAA games. It would be great to start as a Coordinator and work your way up.

Over All

Madden 19 is just more Madden. You get updated rosters, some minor game tweaks and a whole new year to spend money on your MUT team. I did play through a whole season and took the Tennessee Titans to the Superbowl check out my highlight below! Of course, if you are looking to play online hit me up on Xbox at momarkey313.

Available on: Xbox One, Playstation4, and PC

Rating: 7/10