Massage Green Spa of Allen Park, Michigan

Massage Green Spa of Allen Park, Michigan

A few weeks ago, Michelle and I went to the local Massage Green Spa. We did talk about the massage trip on Episode 38. For a while, I was having some bad back pains, so I decided to have my first ever professional massage. Of course, Michelle wanted to go because she always loves massages. For two 30 minute massages, they charge $30 each which is pretty reasonable.

Initial Thoughts of Massage Green Spa

We chose Massage Green because of how relatively close to home it is. What I learned it is a franchise and they have locations all over the place. When you first walk in it has a very nice atmosphere, with relaxing music, a large comfortable waiting area and long drapes all over the front windows for privacy. Also, you need to either book online or by phone prior to your message, if you cancel the day of the massage, they still charge you.

Before your massage you have to fill out a waiver form and explain what areas you want the therapist to work on. I just marked my back and Michelle choose her hip and feet. Our therapist came to get us after about five minutes, and at first, I could not believe it. I am a very large man and my therapist Nicole, was maybe 5’2″ and 100lbs if that. In this case, looks are deceiving. When you get to the room you are given time to undress and get on the table with a blanket over your lower half.

My therapist Nicole, was simply put, amazing. I could not believe how strong and good she was at massaging. The 30 minutes went quick and were fully enjoyable. When you are done they whisper in your ear to let you know they will meet you outside the room. Unfortunately, Michelle did not get the same massage I got and her massage was rather weak.

One thing I did learn, you need to drink plenty of water after a massage. The massage process releases toxins from your muscles into your bloodstream. When the question comes up would I go back to Massage Green Spa? My answer is absolutely it was reasonably priced and worth it!