Mega Man 11 Fat Guys Review

Mega Man 11 Review

Mega Man 11 marks the return of Mega Man to consoles on Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. Capcom infused new graphics and some new gameplay into this version of Mega Man with great success. Recently, most Mega Man games were just rereleases of old games from the glory days. While the gameplay still held up, for the most part, the super pixelated graphics on hi-def TV were terrible.

I understand, that a lot of retro gamers enjoy the original look, but for me personally, I always prefer an updated look. Another example of this is when Capcom releases a hi-def version of Street Fighter 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It had a beautiful new look with solid gameplay. For years Nintendo has been making a killing on new 2D platform games with some almost 3D backgrounds and updated visuals for their Mario series. Other companies have finally caught on.

Mega Man 11 Story and Gameplay

The story is the usual cheesy story. Dr. Willy is back and the robots have run amuck, and Mega Man has adopted the two gear system that Willy created. Your job is to defeat all the robot bosses and then defeat Dr. Willy. The two gear system as mentioned earlier is a time control system and a power-up system. At any time you can press RB or LB (On Xbox) to control these systems for a limited time. The time power is very helpful when it comes to timing certain jumps.

Like previous games in this series, once you defeat the boss robot you acquire their skill to use during stages. For example, you defeat Block Man (no that really is his name), you get the ability to drop blocks from the sky. One thing this game has in common with its predecessors is the difficulty curve. While most of the stages are fair, you will come across parts you will have to repeat over and over and make you want to throw your controller.


The graphics of the game is by far my favorite part. It looks and feels like you are controlling a cartoon. Bright colors and sharp rendering of backgrounds makes the whole experience quite enjoyable. Even the goofy looking outfits you get are unique and distinct, not just color swaps.

Sound and Voice

This is probably the only minor weak part of the game. The background music is repetitive and feels very old but that may be what they were going for. The voice acting is pretty bad and the subtitles remind you of an old NES game.


Overall this is a return to form for the Mega Man franchise. The game itself is not very long, but there will be parts you will get stuck on and there are challenges you can tackle after you win it. The best part is this new game only costs $30 which it is well worth it. If you are a big fan of Super Mario Brothers or platform type games in general, you owe it to yourself to check this one out!


8 out of 10