Pacific Rim: Uprising, Fat Guys Movie Review!

Pacific Rim: Uprising

This week since the summer blockbusters are between weeks at the theaters, we are taking a look at new to DVD release Pacific Rim: Uprising. This movie is a sequel to the 2013 Pacific Rim movie starring Charlie Hunnman (Sons of Anarchy) and Idris Elba (The Wire). Pacific Rim: Uprising takes place about ten years after the first and the world has not seen any monstersĀ (kaiju) in quite awhile. This time the star is John Boyega (The Force Awakens) as Jake Pentecost who in turn is Idris Elba’sĀ son from the first movie. Funny they never mentioned that in the first one.

The biggest problem with the movie is it is a story and characters you have seen a thousand times and they try nothing new with it. Boyega character does not want to be a pilot and rebels by living as a rogue on his own. But guess what? He ends up back as a pilot and saves the day, shocking. There is a young lippy teenage girl who builds a giant robot out of trash. Of course, she is brash and joins up and saves the day as well.

Pacific Rim: Uprising Not Many Risks

The only character they did anything different with was Charlie Day’s character Dr. Newton Geiszler. But I won’t spoil that for you if you plan on seeing this. But the story and acting are not what you came for, you want to see giant robots fight giant monsters. The movie delivers some of that but not as much as you think. Most of the movie the robots are fighting each other, and only three monsters come out near the end.

One change for this movie, most of the fights are during the day and are easy to see. The first one I believe had a little more going for it than this one at least they had the nerve to kill some main characters. This movie took no risks and followed movie tropes you have seen a bunch of times before. If you are bored one day and catch it on cable then go for it other than that don’t bother. Also, is Scott Eastwood ever going to get a role in a good movie?

Score: 5/10