Soul Calibur 6 The Fat Guys Review

Soul Calibur 6 The Fat Guys Review

After a long hiatus after Soul Calibur 5, Bandai Namco was finally convinced to release Soul Calibur 6. The rumors around this game are that Bandai Namco did not want to make another Soul Calibur game. They had to be convinced by the devs to approve it. Also, because they did not have much faith in the project the budget was cut pretty drastically. The good news is there is a pretty solid game here, but you can tell where the corners where cut.

Soul Calibur Story and Gameplay

This version of Soul Calibur is a reboot of the story. Basically, fighters from all over the world are after the legendary sword Soul Edge (you have seen it, the sword with a big eye in it).  When you play through the main story it focuses on Kilik, Maxi, and Chai Xianghua. The three are trying to stop Ivy, Astaroth, and Nightmare. The story mode is where the budget cuts are obvious. To tell the story they just use still images with text, unlike Injustice 2 with fully animated scenes.

The gameplay is pretty solid and this is where the game shines. All the player movements are fluid and fun to do and the fights are fast and enjoyable. Even button mashers will enjoy this one. One thing a 3D fighter always has over the 2D fighters is the fluid movement of the characters, where some 2D fighters seme a little stiffer.

Graphics and Sound

The characters in motion look great and the special effects they added are a nice touch. But there are some bad clipping issues in this one. For example, if you create an elf character and add a hood, his ears will poke through the hood when it is not supposed to. Also, on main characters themselves, you will see clipping issues. The backgrounds are good looking but there are not that many right now to choose from.

Another aspect of the animations I have noticed, they recycled quite a few from older games. I get that you want to keep the core of the character, but change up some victory poses and animations once in a while. The sound as far as the announce and background music really remind me of the old arcade game. The voice overs are sufficient but without any cutscenes, they are kind of pointless.

Game Modes

The first main story mode is the Soul Chronicle. There is a main story starring Kilik and sub stories with each individual character including Geralt from the Witcher 3. Again, this mode is not very exciting, a lot of still images and text and a majority of it you fight made up characters.  Feels like more money and time this mode would have been great.  Libra of Souls is the other single-player mode. This is similar to the other mode but you have to use a created fighter for this mode.

Libra of Souls has more of an RPG element to it, but because all the cut scenes are boring you find yourself skipping most of it just to get to the fights. There is also an Arcade mode, pretty straight forward nothing too special and you do not even get an ending when you win it. One of the best modes is the creation mode. Outside of the WWE games, this is probably one of the best creator modes. The only problem you can only use your creations online or in arcade mode. The Libra of Souls mode you have to make a new character and you can not use the ones you already made, found that out the hard way.

The online play is pretty solid I played a handful of games with no problem, but it did take a while to find a match. I should mention I bought the game on Xbox One X, and some of the loads are a little longer than they should be, I heard the PlayStation 4 version has less loading time.


There is a solid game here but overall presentation and cutting corners have hampered it some. If they support it and fix the clipping issues, add more variety in stages and fighters, this game could really become something special. As it is, its just a middle of the pack fighter that needs more polish.

Rating 6 out of 10