Spider-Man By Insomniacs Games Review For The Playstation 4

Spider-Man By Insomniacs Games

Insomniacs Games recently released their brand new Spider-man game for the PlayStation 4.  This game is exclusive to the PS4 system. Also, this version of Spider-Man is an older version, graduated from college and working as a scientist for Dr. Octavious. Of course, Peter is still poor, I guess being a scientist does not pay well and the usual characters are all here.  The usual suspects you expect to see are here such as Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, and J Jonah Jameson.  The story follows Spider-Man taking down some crime bosses which leads to a power struggle and the appearance of a new villain Mr. Negative.

Marvel Spider-Man Graphics

As we said on the podcast this week, this is one beautiful game. On the PS4 Pro, the 4K visuals are really stunning and swinging through New York city looks and feel amazing. It’s the little touches that really shine, like being able to see inside windows while climbing buildings. Character animations are realistic looking and make everything even more believable. From planes flying in the distance to busy New York streets, it all looks good.


There is no secret that this game borrows heavily from the Batman Arkham Asylum series. If you are going to copy, copy from the best. The fighting is fluid and very similar to Batman. Also similar, is the gadgets, like Batman there are a lot of gadgets you can unlock and upgrade. The one difference from Batman is the travel around the city, the swinging feels great. With a Spider-Man game, swinging is the first priority to get right and they did.

As far as missions go, the main missions are great and almost have a movie quality feel to them. The only main missions that lack some are the forced Miles Morales and Mary Jane stealth missions. These are ok but they could have been moved to the side missions. As far as the side missions go, they not nearly as cool as Batman side missions. Most Batman side missions led to a fight with a main villain such as Mad Hatter for example.

While I will not spoil the side missions only two lead to a fight with cool villains where most do not. One mission has you chasing pidgeons throughout New York. These tend to just feel like busy work and padding the play time.

Audio and Voice Acting

The voice acting here is top notch with some voice acting veterans on the cast. The city always sounds alive and real. Darin De Paul as J. Jonah Jameson really deserves special credit, his little podcast that he does had me laughing a few times.


Spider-Man is a great start in hopefully what will turn into a long-running franchise. With a story that did not focus on the Green Goblin or the symbiotes, it was a refreshing change of pace. Of course, there are things that can be improved upon such as better side missions and a little less busy work. With that being said if you are a fan of SPirder-Man or comics in general then this game is a must play. Even if you are fans of games such as Assassins Creed then you should also play this.