Episode 35

Episode 35 Robots, Comedy, and More!

On Episode 35 of the podcast, Steve and Charles go it alone. We discuss the prices of cars and how much a couple-year-old truck would cost. Also, we would love to hear from you on what a good price for a car or truck should be. Next, we look back into the season for the […]

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Episode 34 Welcome Back The Wiggs To Fat Guys on a Little Podcast

Episode 34 Welcome Back The Wiggs!

Wiggs is back on the podcast and he brought BeanBoozled with him. BeanBoozled is a unique game where each person tries a jelly bean. But you never know if you get a good tasting bean or one that might taste like rotten eggs. Also, we discuss the new football league the Alliance of American Football (AAF).  One […]

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