The Fun Little Podcast From Michigan

The Fun Little Podcast From Michigan

Welcome to Fat Guys On A Little Podcast. Located in Michigan, each and every Sunday, Steve, and Charles delivers a fun podcast filled with goofy things to talk about. Our podcast we strive to keep it informal and feel like a natural conversation you would have with your own friends.

Podcast Features

Each week we strive to cover a number of topics. In addition, we have set segments each week such as Hard Earned Revies. The Hard-Earned Review section we review new everyday products we find useful. These reviews can range from a new video game to a weather clock you never know what we are reviewing.  Also, during the offseason of football, we have Steve’s favorite segment 3 Minutes of Wrestling.

During the football season, each podcast we go over any college football upsets and talk about all the big games from Saturday. Not to be left out, but we also cover NFL upsets and preview and make predictions for the Sunday Night and Monday Night Football games.  Also, we take time to go over the news for the week and any movie or TV reviews we think you should know about. Included in all this, we also have live taste tests and crazy guests.

Show Guests

In addition to all our segments, each week we try to bring you a new guest or some of returning regulars. BV and Wiggs our show regulars, always brings something funny and entertaining to talk about. Besides those two we also have local wrestling stars and WWE Stars on the show as well as our own family members. So join us live on Facebook each Sunday or download the podcast on Monday from the iTunes store or where ever you get podcasts at. If there are future show topics or you would like to sponsor our show please use our contact form today!